Art collectiveThe TEA-ROOM

Tokyo-based art collective creating alternative tea ceremony
The TEA-ROOM is an art collective exploring tea ceremony as it could be.
Tea ceremony (cha-no-yu) is not just serving and drinking tea but one of the fine arts of Japan, consisting of gardens, architecture, paintings, calligraphy, incense, flowers, sounds, bowls, food, clothing, and rituals.

We have been translating this concept into new style through such means as using technology and adopting street culture to design new spaces, to produce experiences, and to create works of art since 2015.

The current members are Souryou Matsumura (Tea Master), Fumihiko Sano (Architect), Gentaro Yokoyama (Ceramic Artist), Mami (Calligrapher), Masahiro Inoue (Paper Hanger), Ryota Hagiwara (Ikebana Artist), and Shiho Sakamoto (Wagashi Artist). The director is Ryuta Aoki (Concept Designer / Social Sculptor).


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