Ikebana ArtistRyota Hagiwara[ Kaizen ]

In 2016, he started his career as a flower arranger (pen name; Kaisen). He believes that “to arrange flowers is to mourn them”, and while searching for the meaning of this concept, he aspires to create flower arrangements that please the flowers themselves and remain in people’s memories. He has created powerful works full of life force and dynamic live performances at temples, shrines, and other places throughout Japan. While traveling around Japan and abroad, he continues to create works that “make the land happy” by mixing the people, nature, and culture of the land. In 2021, he will open an alternative space in Ryogoku, Tokyo, called “Hanayorozu Kaizen”, where he will collaborate with artists from various genres to create unique works and events. In 2021, he will open an alternative space “Hanayorozu Kaizen” in Ryogoku, Tokyo, where he will continue to pursue his original “flower arrangement” in various ways, including the creation of works and events in collaboration with artists of various genres.


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