OPEN MEALS「Cyber Wagashi」



Participated in the Food Tech Project OPEN MEALS. We supervised the production of “cyber wagashi”, wagashi that can be eaten in real life, formed based on meteorological data.

Cyber Wagashi” is a wagashi made by a 3D printer using a proprietary algorithm developed based on weather data. With climate change and urban life, we can no longer feel the four seasons as we once did, but now we can see, eat, and enjoy the Tokyo sky of the day through wagashi that changes shape and color according to wind speed, atmospheric pressure, and temperature.


Wagashi ArtistShiho Sakamoto[ Shiwon ]

Shiho Sakamoto is a professional Japanese Wagashi artist based in Tokyo Japan. She finds inspirations in the moments of everydaylife and through her makings of wagashi she brings those inspirations into shape. She has been asked to supervise, create and/or develop a new recipe for original custom-made wagashi. She has held numerous exhibition and taught many classes and workshops both in Japan and oversea.

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Shiho Sakamoto / Shiwon